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Six & a Half Stick

Six & a Half Stick is a usable posture and is not to show off anything.  The followers must have a good knowledge of hand posture before learning it.  The course including .Che Kwan Mah Chui・, .Six & a Half Stick・, and then learning the high accuracy of .Blowing Candle Light by Stick・, and .Assault by Sticks・.  It can make use of the hand posture including .Tsum Hand・, .Tan Hand・, .Pong Hand・, .Can Hand・, etc.  Learning Six & a Hand Stick is not only to assualt, but also, the most importantly, it is the best way to learn Ving Tsun Long Bridge Power.  However, to learning the traditional, deep Six & a Half Stick is to use twelve or thirteen foot of sticks, and made of Kwan Tin Wood, not eight foot length stick which are used by other Kung Fu.  After a period of practice, you must have a fantastic and wonderful feeling.