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Vingtsun Chi Sau

Vingtsun Chi Sau must use Long Bridge Hand and Short Bridge Hand together.  Long Bridge attacks outside and Short Bridge attack inside, just like waterfall, to avoid the counterattack by the enemy.  Using the shortest, fastest and most economic power to attack.  Regarding the senior Vingtsun Chi Sau, if you do not practise the traditional Sliding Horse, Running Horse, Push Hitting and Chi Kurk, you cannot compete on the Pat Sin Table (a 38' x 38' x 36' table).

In terms of fitness and health, since Chi Sau controls the body arthrosis breathing and muscles by the mind, then combine with the Vingtsun classical posture, lunisolar to force (control the muscle by the mind, and break out the immediate power, using positive and negative posture.)  Therefore, learners can easily to concentrate.

In terms of practical attack, the distance of Chi Sau is the elementary period.  It can practise Bridge Hand, and also practise how to counterattack undoubtedly.